French Open dreams of up to 20,000 fans onsite per day during the clay-court Grand Slam could run straight into a government crowd limit as COVID-19 kicks up again in France.

With the event rescheduled to start September 27, time is running out for a go/no-go decision. And the final word on crowd size would likely have to come in the form of a waiver from local authorities after a nationwide limit of 5,000 people in one place was set.

The regulation is due to run through at least the end of September, four days after the tournament start at Roland Garros.

Cases have been rising in the greater Paris area, complicating the situation.

The legal loophole allows local authorities to grant exceptions if “strict safety measures” are taken for larger crowds.

Even that could complicate life for tennis bosses, with the tournament already selling tickets online for the Mark II edition. Should the crowd numbers be cut, then another round of refunds would be in order.


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