World. No. 11 Fabio Fognini is to undergo surgery on both ankles during the enforced COVID-19 break.

Fognini explained in an Instagram post on Saturday that he believed this was the best possible time for him to have the procedures.

”I’ve been having a problem with my left ankle for three-and-a-half years now. It’s an issue I’ve learned to cope with,” he said.

“Then my right ankle started playing up in the past two years as well.

“I had hoped the various issues would go away during my two-month break from the game because of the lockdown, but when I resumed training, they were still there.

“After medical examination and a long discussion with my team, I decided to have arthroscopic surgery on both ankles. I believe it’s the right thing to do while the Tour is on this enforced break. I can’t wait to be back playing again!”

Fognini said attempting to return to training saw his ankles flair up again – it’s been an issue for him for four years.