Fabio Fognini has protested his disqualification from a second-round match on Wednesday at the Barcelona Open, with the Italian insisting he did nothing particularly wrong.

Fognini was ejected for allegedly insulting a liensman in the second set and was handed a 6-0, 4-4 loss against Spain’s 147th-ranked Bernabe  Zapata Miralles.

“I’m very sad about what happened to me today. I was 0-6 0-3 down. I was very negative about my game and what it was costing me,” Fognini said.

“But what happened today speaks very badly of the chair umpire. I’m there to play and win the game and what he did to me was inexplicable. 

“I’m going to look into it – I’ve paid for something I haven’t done. I want to let everyone know.”

Fognini added: “I’m not going to say I’m a good guy, I’ve been called a bad boy many times in my career, 

“But I was trying to fight and get back in the match, I was not playing well. 

“He put in everything and played incredible, but I kept fighting – until they took away the option to continue playing and turn the game around.

“After a good week in Monte Carlo, I wanted to continue fighting here in Barcelona.”

Fognini added that being thrown out of the match came as a huge shock.

“I have never been disqualified ever in my career. It is the first time in 35 years. They (officials) handled it in a terrible way.

“I can say that I have not insulted anyone. There are swear words that I say sometimes that fly through the air, but I don’t do that to hurt or disrespect anyone. 

“You can believe me or not, but I am very calm.”


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