With the COVID-19 situation out of control in parts of the US, the coach of recovering Italian Fabio Fognini sees no reason to rush his ATP No. 11 back onto court if the sport resumes on schedule next month.

Fognini, still the 2019 Monte Carlo defending champion, is to begin rehabbing after surgery on both ankles in late May during the tennis shutdown which began in March.

For coach Corrado Barazzutti, Fognini – and tennis – are not going anywhere for the moment.

“If you want my opinion, tenis won’t even be played in America,” he  told Italy’s Supertennis channel.

“The situation seems too serious to me and I don’t think it will improve any time soon. 

“In the US they don’t do any kind of lockdown, and they don’t want to do it either, I assume that the number of infections will always be very high – it will end with giving up the tournaments.”

The ATP has laid out an ambitious schedule of make-up events starting in Washington, D.C, followed by a month-long quarantine stay for players and staff only in New York for both the Cincinnati Masters and the US Open itself inside a so-called “health bubble.”

The Tour would then shift back to more secure Europe, with Madroid and Rome being played prior to a rescheduled Roland Garros in Paris from September 27.

“I understand that a decision will be made between the 13th and 15th of this month,” former ATP player Barazzutti said. 

“Going to the States right now is very complicated. In Europe you can travel by car if you want, without any kind of risk – America has the border closed.”

Barazzutti added a warning: “My feeling is that players don’t want to go. It is too dangerous to play in a country where coronaviruses leave circles safely. “


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