Feliciano Lopez advanced to the second round of the Paris Masters on Monday and said he is perfectly satisfied with reduced ATP prize money during the COVID-19 crisis.

The 39-year-old ranked 63rd, defeated 2017 finalist Filip Krajinovic 7-6(11), 6-1.

“This is the best we can have right now. We have to be aware of the situation that the world is living and how everyone is facing these challenging times around the world,” Lopez said of the event which reduced the week’s total payout to EUR 3.1 million from EUR 3.9 million – a 39 per cent cutback.

“The prize money had a significant reduction, but it will be the same I think for the beginning of 2021. I don’t see the virus going away. 

“It’s gonna stay there for a while, I think, until they find a vaccine.

“For now I don’t see any hope on prize money and players will have to accept that this is the situation that we have to live with and to appreciate also the huge effort that the tournaments are doing in order to deliver the events,

“We we have to stay strong together, stay united and hope for the best, because this is not only tennis. 

“It’s (virus) a problem that is affecting every single person¬†in the world – people are dying, you know.¬†

“We (tennis players) are very fortunate and very lucky. The tournaments, they cannot do better. This is what it is right now.”


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