With his comeback to tennis starting next week in Geneva, Roger Federer is already considering his summer schedule with doubts growing about competing in the Tokyo Olympics.

With COVID staging a resurgence in Japan, the decision by the 20-time Grand Slam winner on whether to risk the trip is in the balance.

“Honestly I don’t know what to think. I’m a bit between the two,” the 2008 Beijing double gold medallist told Swiss TV outlet Leman Bleu.

“I would love to play in the Olympics, win a medal for Switzerland. It would make me especially proud. But if it doesn’t happen because of the situation, I would be the first to understand.

“I think what the athletes need is a decision: is it going to happen or is it not going to happen?”

Even organisers are loath to make too many pronouncements, especially in the wake of a nationwide petition to call off the Games with more than 350,000 signatures.

“At the moment, we have the impression that it will happen,” Federer said of the Games.

“We know it’s a fluid situation. And you can also decide as an athlete if you want to go. If you feel there’s a lot of resistance, maybe it’s better not to go. I don’t know.”

Uncertainty also seems to be the byword among Federer’s fellow tennis elites, with Rafael Nadal also vague on his possible plans to attend; the same opinion has been voiced by Serena Williams,

And Japanese players Naomi Osaka and Kei Nishikori share the uncertainty, joining the calls for clarity from organisers and the IOC.


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