Roger Federer is keeping his lockdown training regime to a strict minimum, with the Swiss betting that the COVID-19 virus lockdown won’t be over any time soon.

The 20-time Grand Slam winner revealed his thoughts in an interview published by Brazil’s O Globo conducted by former champion Guga Kuerten.

“I’m not training at the moment because I don’t see a reason for that to be honest,” the 38-year-old told the three-time French Open holder, 43.

“l’m happy with my fitness now – but I still believe that (return of tennis) is a long way off. 

“It’s important for my for my mind at this point to enjoy this break after playing so much tennis.”

Federer added: “I don’t miss it so much now. But eventually – when I’m close to returning and have a goal to train for – that I’m going to be super motivated.”

Tennis has been shut down since early March due to the virus, with no tournaments possible before August 1.

Federer told fan-favourite Kuerten that the prospect of playing in empty stadiums  when the sport eventually resumes does not fill him with joy.

“I can’t see (tennis in) an empty stadium; I hope that doesn’t happen. Playing in a completely empty stadium would be difficult for me.

“(We are used to) training when there is no one. But we have to wait for the appropriate time to return to normal mode again.”

Federer has plans to skip the entire spring clay season anyway after knee surgery after the Australian Open.

His original timetable called for a return on grass next month in the run-up to the now-cancelled Wimbledon.

But lockdown in Switzerland changed all of that. “I’ve never stayed at home more than the five weeks since than five weeks since my 2016 (knee) surgery),” the No. 4 said.

“This is a great time for us as a family – of course we sometimes drive each other crazy, like any family .

“But  we are healthy, our friends and family did not have the virus, which is important for us. And we’re doing well despite the circumstances.”