Roger Federer has issued his own call for clarification on the growing mystery of Peng Shuai’s weeks-long absence, with the Swiss voicing his concerns..

“She’s one of our champions, a former world No. 1, clearly it’s worrying,” the 20-time grand Slam winner said of Peng, a Wimbledon and Roland Garros  Australian Open doubles winner.

“I hope she’s doing well,” Federer told Sky Italia. 

Federer said that the lack of sightings of the well-know Chinese player after she published accusations of sexual aggression against a former top Communist party official is concerning.

“I have always told my children that the tennis family is my second family. I have been on the circuit for 25 years and I love this circuit, the people and all the players, and she (Peng Shuai) is a part of it,” Federer said.

“We hope she is safe .

Since her Weibo posting in early November, all traces of the 35-year-old Peng have disappoeared form the Chinese intenet. 

Western news sources are heavily censored inside the country.


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