Roger Federer has confessed to Swiss television that he feared for his career following his second medical knee procedure in June, adding that he has hit only once on court since a charity exhibition nearly six months ago.

The 20-time Grand Slam winner is due to return to serious training in mid-August as he prepares for what is hoped to be a return to the ATP in January, 2021.

Though the COVID-19 pandemic is wrecking the best tennis planning, the icon who turns 39 on August 8 revealed some details of his long road to recovery on national TV on Saturday.

“After my second operation (in June) I was close to quitting, Things were really hard. 

“It’s easy to talk about it now but at the time it looked like a long, long road.”

Federer added: “I’ve played only once since South Africa (charity event against Rafael Nadal on February 7). I hope I can still do it (play) when I come back.

OK, I hit against the wall a few times, but I only stood on a court once. It was tough, I guess I could play just standing (with limited movement).

“But I still have plenty of time (until January).This will not have been a huge break from the game,

“I’m not pushing it. I play tennis for the pure love of the game. When I’m “old” I’ll play as much as my body will allow, even for fun, I want to play tennis for life.”


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