Italy’s Fabio Fognini sucked it up to win a match on Sunday at the French Open, the only one of the four Grand Slams which stretches a fortnight’s play out to 15 days.

The No. 29 who reached the Paris quarter-finals a decade ago, began with a 6-4, 6-1, 6-4 defeat of Frenchman Gregoire Barrere.

But the winner was less than thrilled about the extra day that orgnaisers tack onto the event each year – presumably to aid cash flow.

“It’s my own small opinion, but the tournament likes us to play on Sunday for the money,” he said. “But also the public has (an extra) chance to come and watch us play.

“But this (extra day) is something that personally I don’t like.  Once you’re here I prefer to play as soon as possible. Day by day, of course, you get in tension, you start thinking about the match.

“I’m here to play… but I’d prefer to play Monday or Tuesday.”


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