1987 Wimbledon winner Pat Cash harbours high hopes for Stefanos Tsitsipas but doesn’t have time for fellow Aussie Nick Kyrgios.

That’s the verdict from the former great, with London-based Cash tipping Tsitsipas as the pick of the litter for NextGen players.

“Stefanos Tsitsipas is an interesting person, there are always personalities,” cash told Austria’s Tennisnet,

“And Tsitsipas is sure to be one of them,” adding his other top choices: 

“Dominic Thiem is exciting in a different way because he hits the ball extremely hard. (Denis) Shapovalov is also an exciting player who loves to get online… and they all play one-handed backhands.”

The 55-year-old Cash remains a big fan of Roger Federer and is optimistic that the 39-year-old Swiss will be back after his year spent rehabbing after two knee procedures.

“When Federer comes back, he’ll be fresh. It will take a little while to get his body fit for competition again. 

 “Rafa (Nadal) is just amazing – what a tennis player. (Novak) Djokovic too, of course. One should never say never, but one can assume that we will never see a clay court player like him (Rafa) again. 

“We’re talking about three of the greatest players of all time. 

“As long as their bodies are okay, they actually get better every year! Because of their experience. If they don’t get burned out mentally. But all three seem to have this single-mindedness.”

Cash called beating 13-time winner Nadal on the clay of Paris the toughest task in all of tennis.

“But of course, this cannot go on forever. If you put Rafa in long matches, he could have problems recovering. But he always wins in the minimum time. 

“For me it is the most difficult task in the history of the sport to win against Rafael Nadal in Paris. I can’t think of anything that could be more difficult.”

But while Cash is all-in for the veteran Big 3, he has no love for outspoken iconoclast Kyrgios.

“I know Nick – but I pay very little attention to what he has to say. 

“If Nick Kyrgios gives us advice on how to behave, then we are in a worse situation than I thought.”

Main photo:- Pat Cash winning Wimbledon 1987, by Roger Parker International Sports Fotos Ltd


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