After getting defaulted out of the US Open for accidentally hitting a lineswoman with a ball swiped in anger, Novak Djokovic is vowing to be on best behavior when the French Open begins on Sunday.

The top seed at Roland Garros is tipped as a title favourite along with 12-time champion Rafael Nadal and New York winner Dominic Thiem.

And the Serb wants to make sure no extenuating factors spoil his potential run at an 18th Grand Slam trophy.

“Obviously I’m going to be extra careful of hitting a tennis ball around the court,” he said on Saturday.

“That’s something that is obviously staying in my mind after what happened in New York and it’s going to stay there for a long time. 

“I will make sure I don’t make the same mistake twice,” he said of his fourth-round infraction in New York.

“Whatever happened happened. I had to accept it and move on. It was a shock for me and a lot of people. But that’s life, that’s sport.”

Last week’s Rome winner added: “This won’t have any significant negative impact on how I feel on the tennis court. 

“I won the tournament in Rome just a week later and I did not feel any kind of emotional disturbance or difficulty.

“I try to keep my negative reactions on the court as (minor) as possible. I won’t get down on myself because of that (incident).

“I must accept it and move one. I’m a human being with flaws like everybody else.”

Main Photo:- Novak Djokovic comforts Lineswoman Laura Clark after accidentally hitting a ball at her


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