Novak Djokovic hopes to silence the doubters by showing medical proof of the leg injury which had him anxious prior to winning his 10th title at the Australian Open.

The Serb who joined Rafael Nadal on a leading total of 22 singles titles,  was plagued by multiple controversies throughout his fortnight-long run to the title, sweeping past Stefanos Tsitsipas in straight sets in a one-way final at the weekend.

But critics – and there are plenty – say the Serb purposefully exaggerated his leg injury situation to milk the maximum impact as he motored to the trophy at Melbourne Park.

“I feel the need to prove the veracity of my problems because some comments have bothered me,” Djokovic told Serb media post-match in Melbourne.

“Soon I will go into details and offer proof, not so much for those people who doubt, but for me and all the people around me.”

After going through his first six matches with a thigh heavily strapped, the 35-year-old waltzed through the final in three hours with just a hint of tape showing in the affected area.

He skipped several training sessions during the Grand Slam fortnight and generally left outsiders guessing as to his possibly dodgy physical condition, which some think could have been a mere psychological warfare strategy for the tournament.

Main photo:- Australian Open 2023 Novak Djokovic played Mens singles final with barely any strapping to his thigh compared with his first match.
by Roger Parker International Sports Fotos Ltd