The Novak Djokovic visa drama heated up early late Wednesday as the president of Serbia chimed in with a defence of the anti-vaxx player currently detained in Thursday at Melbourne airport.

Politico Aleksandro Vucic reportedly callmed n Australia’s ambassador to Serbia for a chat over the incident, with Djokovic still in custody as border officials go over irregularities in a visa form submitted for the world NO. 1

Djokovic set the stage for the bureaucratic debacle which has already drawn in Australian PM Scott Morrison and various Victoria state officials.

The case of the unvaxxed world No. 1 who was approved for a medical exemption to play the Australian Open is fanning the flames in a city which has suffered through months of hard COVID lockdown.

Djokovic’s entry fate is due to be announced within hours after he was held overnight since arriving from Dubai at 11:30 on Wednesday night.

The Serb politician did not mince words about the state of affairs for his country’s most noted sportsman.

As the drama drags on, Djokovic’s outspoken father told Serb media in Belgrade: “They are holding my son captive. If they don’t release him in the next half an hour, we will fight them on the street.”

Main photo:- Outspoken father Srdjan Djokovic with son Novak


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