Nick Kyrgios is in danger of being kicked out of Wimbledon if his behaviour doesn’t improve.

The firebrand Aussie won his first round match against Brit Paul Jubb but his abuse of officials – and fans – continued.

The Australian called one line judge a “snitch”, spat towards spectators and cried foul about the “disrespect” shown towards him by spectators at the event.

The brooding Kyrgios continued in the post match press conference, calling fans “disrespectful”.

He then started a meal mid-conference, which also angered many fans.

“You are disrespectful for eating whilst being interviewed; you need to get some respect,” one tweeted.

“Nick Kyrgios saying he doesn’t want people to disrespect him whilst spitting at people, calling line judges ‘old man’ and then sitting through a press conference eating,” wrote another.

“Complaining about disrespect as he sits eating and speaking through his lunch in a press conference. I’d have thought at least on journo would have asked him to show some manners & a little respect for them!” Another tweeted.

“Nick Kyrgios complaining about fans ‘disrespecting’ him at Wimbledon having spat at one of them, all the while eating food and speaking with his mouth full. Chuck him out,” another fan said.

Kyrgios then had a row with a reporter over the eyesight of a line judge – and his age.

“The hypocrisy of this bizarre rant is Kyrgios believes he’s entitled to abuse umpires and officials whenever he wants, but spectators aren’t allowed to criticise him at all,” commented a journalist in Australia in an article calling for Kyrgios to start respecting people and stop playing the victim.


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