Novak Djokovic was slammed hard by his semi-final loss last week at home in Belgrade. And the spiritual Serb will now try and recoup lost energy by visiting a mystical “pyramid park” in his native Balkans,

Djokovic was dumped out in a shock to the system by Russian Aslan Karatsev in the new ATP 250 tournament run by his extended family.

The defeat left the world No. 1 unsure of his upcoming movements, with Djokovic unable to even confirm his presence in the Madrid Masters next week.

“Frankly, I’m sick of trying to make plans,” was his response.

To try and heal his troubled soul, the 33-year-old who celebrates a birthday next month, is set to travel to the Bosnian venue according to the head of the Pyramid of the Sun foundation, Semir Osmanagic.

The spiritualist who was a guest last week of Djokovic himself at the tournament, told Serb media that the player is due to make the trip to Visoko in Bosnia-Herzegovina within days.

“Novak will arrive again in May and this is exclusive information,” he said. “Let’s just see when.”

Djokovic, who is prone to visit a Buddhist temple in Wimbledon and also has a favourite tree in the area, and has also professed a belief in the healing power of water, has visited the pyramids twice before, last summer and after the French Open in October, 2020. 

“He felt very well and complete (on his first trip with his parents). The second time was in mid-October after the Roland Garros final when he lost to (Rafael) Nadal,” Osmanagic said.

“He played a match on Sunday, he was already in Visoko on Monday. He managed to overcome and forget that defeat at Roland Garros in one day and recover (winning the Australian Open in February).”


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