After being carted off in a wheelchair after rolling his ankle at the US open, Matteo Berrettinii is motivating himself back to fitness with the lure of a Davis Cup Final.

The former Wiimbledon finalist expects to be ready from November 21 when Italy join the field in Malaga for the business end of the international teams event.

Italy qualified into the field at the weekend in Bologna, sealing its place with a defeat of Chile in the group stage tournament.

The No. 66 shared his optimism about a timely return with Sky Sports: “he recovery is going well, my injury is less serious than expected.

“After everything (previous injury) this year I felt more hurt inside than outside. The week in Bologna helped me a lot to find the right sensations again. 

“The idea of being able to play in Malaga is an extra motivation.”

The 27-year-old Roman said that Davis Cup has always been important to him.

“Since I was little I have always seen Davis as a competition in which the team triumphs, managing to create a very strong group. 

“I came here (Bologna) also for myself and to feel that positive energy. An incentive to play in Malaga and recover even faster.”

He adde: “This year the Davis did not start well for, but we qualified. And now everyone knows, including us, that we are a very dangerous team.”