Aussie icon John Newcombe has proposed nuking the current bastardised iteration of the Davis Cup, combining the historic team competition with the ATP Cup for a new beginning.

Former Davis Cup captain Newk, who played on five-title-winning sides also captained Australia to the 1999 trophy in France.

The current Davis edition is Spanish-owned and comprises barely a week of play and substantial elimination of the classic home-and-away format which defined the event for more than a century.

The new-look tournament was first played in November, 2019, won by Spain in Madrid. It was cancelled in 2020 due to the pandemic and is currently off the menu for a 2021 format re-think.

“The Davis Cup as it is now is not going anywhere,” Newcombe told Melbourne’s Age newspaper.

“I remember that we presented a proposal to the ITF to renew the competitive format, offering to collaborate, but the ITF he flatly refused to even listen to us.”

Spanish football interests who now run the event have guaranteed the International Tennis Federation a total USD 3 billion payday for a quarter of a century.

Newcombe added: “The ITF has a lot to say, it must take responsibility for how it dynamited a competition with 120 years of history, selling it for money.

“I imagine the greats of our sport now deceased, outraged from heaven to see how it was marketed with the origins of this sport.

“If the ITF had some perspective, it would strive to talk with the ATP to merge the two tournaments into one and organise a great event by nations.”


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