Tighter COVID jab restrictions around the world could prevent Novak Djokovic from competing unless the stubborn Serb changes his mind and gets his vaxx jabs.

French officials reversed course on Monday, saying that all players who expect to compete at Roland Garros in the spring must be vaccinated.

The ruling came just 10 days after the country’s sport minister had said Djokovic could play without having been jabbed.

“Since it is adopted, it will be mandatory to have a vaccination certificate to be able to enter sports spaces, whether they are stadiums, theaters or halls, whether they are French or foreign spectators or professionals,” the minister posted on Twitter. .

While Djokovic could in fact enter France without jabs he would not be allowed to compete at the Grand Slam starting in May.

The new national vaxx certificate  stipulates that unvaccinated people over the age of 16 should no longer have access to stadiums in the future.

In addition for Paris, the world No. 1 faces a more immediate problem regarding the Masters 1000 pair in march at Indian Wells and Miami. – not to mention the US Open – with non-citizens required to be jabbed to pass the borders.


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