The delicate COVID-19 situation throughout France has resulted in a delay to this week’s intended start of ticket sales for the Monte Carlo Masters.

Organisers of the clay classic which was not played last spring due to the virus, had planned to begin the commercial campaign on Tuesday – but that date has now been pushed back.

The April event held just across the border from Italy, draws a large portion of annual attendance from the locked-down neighboring nation. The current French COVID picture is not especially rosy, with a curfew in place in Paris and strict quarantine conditions prevailing elsewhere.

“Unfortunately, given the current unfavorable health situation, the opening of the ticket office must be postponed”, a statement read.

Officials went on to say they “remain confident” that the prestige event will be held as planned at the seaside Country Club from April 11-18. Prior to 2020, the tournament was last cancelled in 1945.


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