NIck Kyrgios is holding fire on any return to ATP tennis, with the controversial  Aussie apparently not prepared to play until the COVID-19 pandemic is closer to under control.

The decision means that after skipping the US Open currently in its closing stages, the No. 40 is unlikely to make the trip to Europe for the rescheduled French Open starting on September 27.

“I don’t think at the moment I’m really comfortable going anywhere with the current conditions,” he told Australian media. 

“I don’t really see any real improvement going on at the moment but at the same time I don’t think it’s the best time for sport to be going ahead also.

“But I’m going to continue to train and stay on top of my body and maybe if it is next year that I start playing, my body’s going to be ready to go and I can be playing the same level tennis as I was when I stopped.”

Kyrgios added that the uncertainty factor remains a huge unknown: “It’s so hard to make a definitive decision because things can just balloon out of control in a week.”

Kyrgios will remain at home in Canberra, joining compatriot Ash Barty, who has been stuck in her native Queensland for more than half the year and will not defend her Roland Garros title.

Kyrgios remains optimistic about returning for January’s Australian Open, even though officials have indicated that the major might have to be held with minimal fans in the stands and a 14-day quarantine for foreign players upon arrival.

“Nothing else would make me happier than to go and play in the Australian Open, to play in another grand slam.” he said.

“But at this stage, I don’t think even the directors or anything like that is comfortable with what’s going on as well, so hopefully fingers crossed it goes ahead.

“I want a crowd, I want to play in front of a crowd, I want to be an entertainer, that’s what’s sport’s about and at the moment I just don’t feel as if it’s the right time to play.”


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