Johanna Konta has only hours left on her hotel room quarantine regime before a break to freedom and the Australian Open.

The British No. 1 is convinced her 14-day span “inside” in the COVID-19 netherworld has been worth it – especially being one of the lucky players allowed out of the room for five hours per day for training, physio and feeding at the Melbourne Park venue.

The delayed Open is set to begin on February 8.

“This has definitely been a very different Australia trip so far but the end is in sight for our quarantine period,” she told ITV’s Lorraine talk show.“Hopefully once that ends we can get back to some normality.

“I am actually in the lucky group that is able to go out for five hours a day to practice, we have about two hours court time, an hour and a half gym time and then an hour to get food and basically get ready to come back.

“I have been very lucky, we have a number of players here who unfortunately have to be in hard lockdown, meaning they haven’t left their rooms for about 12 days now.

“It is a very different experience, it is not something I have experienced before and hopefully I won’t have to do too much of this again in the future.

“Even for us lucky ones in the first five days we weren’t allowed out while things were getting sorted for us to be able to go and practice.”


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