Coco Gauff has echoed the plea last month from fellow player Naomi Osaka that something be done about the never-ending wave of American gun massacres.

The Florida teenager wrote “End gun violence” on the camera lens after beating Martina Trevisan for a place in Saturday’s Roland Garros women’s final.

And the 18-year-old explained that she is serious in her sentiments.

“It was just especially important just being in Europe where I know people globally around the world are for sure watching,” she said.

“This (gun attacks) is a problem in other parts of the world, but especially in America. It’s been happening over some years but obviously now it’s getting more attention.”

She added: “But for me it’s been an issue for years, it’s kind of close to home.  I had some friends that were a part of the Parkland (Florida school) shooting (in 2018). 

“I remember watching that whole experience pretty much first hand, I was maybe 14 or 13 when that happened, and still nothing has changed.

“I think that (camera work) was just a message for the people back at home to watch and for people all around the world to watch.  

“Hopefully it gets into the heads of people in office to hopefully change things.”


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