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Report: ATP may send NextGen event to cash-flush Saudi

The ATP NextGen Finals may soon be on the move to the Saudi city of Jeddah after running since 2017 in Milan. London’s Telegraph quoted

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Norrie nails Nadal with season-opening loss

Rafael Nadal fell victim on Saturday to match-tough Brit Cam Norrie, with the No. 14 saddling the Spaniard with a 3-6, 6-3, 6-4 defeat in Sydney

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Cash is king for Kyrgios; Davis Cup now just an option

Nick Kyrgios has relegated Davis Cup play to the back burner as Australia’s Wimbledon finalist chases dollars instead of glory. The 27-year-old is among players commiting this

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Kyrgios changes his story on Saudi cash dash

Nick Kyrgios has modified his reasoning on this weekend’s lucrative Saudi exhibition, telling Australian media that he’s playing the exhibition “to draw attention to the sport.”

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Kyrgios follows the big bucks straight to Saudi

Nick Kyrgios is making no apologies for chasing a six-figure Saudi payday as the Wimbledon finalist competes in a controversial exhibition event next month in