Uber-coach Darren Cahill is anxiously awaiting the return on injured Nick Kyrgios to tennis, with the coach of top-tenner Jannick Sinner sold on his fellow Australian’s drawing power.

Cahill told the Jimmy Connors podcast that the sooner the controversial Aussie makes his comeback,the better it is for the sport.

Kyrgios, the 2022 Wimbledon finalist, has played only one match this season, losing on grass last June in Stuttgart after coming back too soon from a knee injury which required January surgery.

The 27-year-old has long ben an acquired taste for fans, with his lack of discipline, frequent fines for on-court misdemeanours and general don’t-care attitude to the game.

“You feel like he doesn’t care. In fact, it seems that he cares too much,” Cahill said.

“He ends up exploiting his box during the course of the match because he really wants to win and receives that support from his coach’s box.”

The Australian who currently guies Top-10 Italian Jannick Sinner added: “We need him back. 

“The game is bigger than any player, of course, but he is certainly a loss to the sport right now and if he is playing well and feeling good physically, he brings a lot to every tournament he plays. 

“So I only wish him the best. I hope he recovers and we hope to see him back very soon.”