Balkan journeyman pro Damir Dzumhur may soon regret his hot temper after threatening a chair umpire with death during a weekend boilover during  qualifying rounds in Acapulco.

The incident is sure to result in heavy penalties for the No. 125 Bosnian, who once rose to 23 in the rankings..

Tape of the incident at the ATP 500 in the Mexican beach city showed Dzumhur leaving the court in anger after a heated stoush over a line call with the first set level 5-5 with Dutch opponent Botic Van de Zandschulp.

Dzumhur appeared to lose it after a call was made against him, with the irate player dropping his racquet and stalking to the chair where the threat of violence was made.

The incident resulted in a disqualification with Dzumhur, with the player leaving the court and losing the match 5-6 after two warnings (point, game) from the chair.

The “death threat” ploy¬†brought back memories of a similar outburst from Serena Williams against a petite Japanese lineswoman in a 2009 US Open semi-final against Kim Clijsters.

Flushing Meadows New York US Open Tennis Championships 12/09/09 At match point to Kim Clijsters, and on her second serve Serena Williams (USA) was callled a footfault and screamed “I swear to God I’m going to kill you” and “I’ll take this ******* ball and stick it down your ******* throat at a Japaense line judge who made the call and reported it to the chair umpire Louise Engzell. Referee Brian Earley,assisted by Grand Slam Supervisor Donna Kelso then ruled a code violation for “Unsportsmanlike conduct ” and Williams loses Ladies Semi Final on default to Kim Clijsters Photo: Roger Parker Fotosports International

The irate American was also DQ’d after threatening the official over a foot fault call.


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