Alexander Zverev was on Thursday freed from any contractual links to his former manager as a bombshell settlement was revealed.

The ATP No. 7, his lawyer and family celebrated outside the London High Court after success against Patricio Apey.

Announcement of the agreement was made shortly before the judge was to begin his deliberations in the restraint of trade dispute which only began on Wednesday.

 “This is an important day for me as I can leave behind an unfair and oppressive contract that I signed at the age of 15,” Zverev, 23, said.

He said he hoped the dispute “heightened the awareness of the young players and their families”, “that professional sports agents do not always act in their best interests.”

His lawyer Mark Stephens called the climbdown “a complete humiliation for Apey and his lawyer.”

“Mr. Apey has hoisted the white flag. Alexander Zverev is free from the contract that would have tied him to Mr. Apey for 16 years.”

Apey had been trying to hold Zverev to a contract signed in 2012 when the up and coming player was just 15.”

Zverev disputed the claim after unilaterally parting ways with the 80-year-old Chilean nearly two years ago.

Under the settlement, Apey renounced any claim to EUR 1.4 million in commissions which he had been claiming he was due.

After his split with the South American who once handled Andy Murray, Zverev signed with Roger Federer’s Team8 management group.


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