Belinda Bencic cannot wait to escape the confines of strict quarantine, with the Swiss revealing her frustration from inside her Melbourne lockdown hotel room.

But her biggest wish as the quarantine clock ticks down to the Day 14 escape hatch: a Hoover to tidy the room she shares with her boyfriend/trainer.

“We play sports there, we eat there, we sleep there. And you can’t ventilate or clean – I wish I had a vacuum cleaner,” the No. 12 told

“Of course I’m looking forward to playing tennis again. Most of all, I dream of taking a deep breath, of fresh air. 

“Especially since our room is very dusty.”

Bencic, who has never been past the fourth round at Melbourne Park, has been in strict isolation after arriving this month on a charter flight on which a passenger tested positive.

She is one of 72 unfortunates who have not been allowed out to train due to an unlucky flight during the two-week quarantine.

“This unequal treatment two weeks before a Grand Slam – although I understand the reason for it – is difficult to accept,” Bencic said.

“But I also fully understand the Australians’ caution. They have suffered a lot. 

“Even today there are many who cannot return to Australia to see their families. So our concerns as tennis players should be put into perspective.”

Bencic and her one-man team have kept occupied in their 20sqm room with five hours per day of ad hoc training, including cycling, flexibility exercises and hitting the wall with a ball “to activate muscle memory”.


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