Boris Becker has spilled the most obvious gossip in tennis: fairytale US Open winner Emma Raducanu is surely set to be honoured by Britain’s Queen Elizabeth.

“It’s an open secret: she will become ‘Dame Emma Raducanu’ – imagine that; it doesn’t get any better than that,” Becker said on a Eurosport Germany broadcast.

“Then there will be a Sir Andy Murray and a Dame Emma Raducanu – wow! “

The six-time Grand Slam winner who claimed his first Wimbledon title at age 17 has a good idea of the pressure the 18-year-old Raducanu will face after winning the Open last weekend from a qualifying state – an unprecedented achievement.

“I think the generational change has happened. The younger generation has taken over now. Everyone has to prepare themselves: there’s a new way of playing here,,” the 53-year-old former prodigy said. 

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It is looking likely that a place on Britain’s Honours List is looming for Raducanu, especially after Buckingham Palace sent out a congratulatory note in the Queen’s name to the London player at nearly midnight after Saturday’s finals win over Leylah Fernandez.

“What a supreme feeling: she got a personal letter from Queen Elizabeth. If that’s not a tribute, I don’t know what else there is to come,” Becker said.

“Everyone here has noticed: we have a new superstar. But now it starts, now the dance starts.”

The German warned that life will become much more complicated very quickly for Raducanu and her coaching and management team.

“The benchmark is impossibly high. She’s not going to win every match for the rest of her life. 

“She’s going to play badly once in a while and she’s going to lose once in a while. A whole new journey through time has begun. 

“I just hope that the environment around her continues to protect her, reassure her and not forget the priorities.”


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