After being banged up for a month after conviction on four bankruptcy fraud charges in London. Boris Becker has announced that he is prepared to serve out his prison sentence.

The six-time Grand Slam champion who made his post-career name through television commentating and coaching world No. 1 Novak Djokovic, was handed a sentence of two and a half years – one-half of which will be served in jail.

The 54-year-old said through his lawyers that he will not appeal the sentence handed down on April 29.

“‘I wish to make it clear that I accept the verdicts of the jury, I accept the sentence imposed upon me and that is why I have no intention of seeking any form of appeal.

“I will serve my sentence in accordance with the court’s decisions.”

Under guidelines he must only serve half in prison before what is looking like deportation.

The German was convicted in a trial of hiding several millions worth of assets from creditors during his long-running bankruptcy proceedings.

His lawyers said at the time in a statement:

“Following his conviction and sentencing Mr Becker would like us to clarify some matters about his trial.

“Mr Becker was acquitted of 20 of the 24 charges and the Insolvency Service lost the majority of its case against him.

 ‘In particular Mr Becker was acquitted of every single charge alleging offences by him before the making of the bankruptcy order on 21 June 2017.

“It was decided by the jury, followed by the Judge in sentencing, that Mr Becker did nothing wrong or illegal regarding his bankruptcy before the bankruptcy order was made.

“Mr Becker actively tried to avoid being declared bankrupt and to meet his debts.”