Boris Becker has landed a plush prison job, with British tabloids reporting that the incarcerated tennis great has been assigned a sports teaching role in a London-area minimum security lockup.

The 54-year-old with six Grand Slam titles is serving two and a half years after being convicted of fraudulent bankruptcy charges last April in a London court.

He could be released after serving half of the time behind bars – but could also be deported to his native Germany as well.

Becker is said to be teaching sports science and the benefits of exercise to  other inmates, a role considered on the softer side.

A source told London’s Sun that other inmates complained that the celebrity con is receiving preferential treatment.

“You would normally serve years before getting a job as a classroom assistant as it is seen as a privilege.

“But Becker has been given the job within weeks of being sentenced.

“There is a lot of resentment about it and the families of some prisoners have written letters of complaint.’

A prison spokesman replied: ‘It’s untrue to suggest any preferential treatment was given.

‘Offenders are able to access a variety of work and education opportunities while in prison.’