Tennis Australia is attempting to overcome a disastrous 2021 tournament that saw it make losses of around $100m by introducing a Beach House precinct at Melbourne Park for 2022.

The off-court experiences will include beach tennis, VIP champagne cabanas and a vodka bar.

Tennis Australia saw restricted crowds and a snap lockdown that kept fans out of Melbourne Park for five days of last year’s Open.

The expense of quarantining players and staff from around the world in hotels for two weeks also added to the losses.

For 2022 Tennis Australia has re-signed luxury champagne house Piper Heidsieck and rolled over existing deals with winemaker Penfolds, watchmaker Rolex and clothing brand Ralph Lauren and added top chefs to its bars and eateries.

Spectators will be back for the Australian Open in February. Photo: Tennis Australia/ REG RYAN

Penfolds will put on a four-course fine-dining experience in its restaurant and tournament director of premium experiences Greta Cooper said there had been big demand for restaurant packages.

“The total precinct is open this year, and they’ve got the confidence to come back and really enjoy the Australian Open,” she said.

Ticketing has also been looked at with special kids play areas and entertainment.

Piper Heidsieck said it expects to sell 50,000 glasses of champagne – it only sold 12,000 in 2021.


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