Boris Becker is a mysterious no-show for a weekend charity golf exhibition in Mallorca, the Spanish island where the former tennis icon once owned a showy home.

The Golden Swing event will be without the six-time Grand Slam champion who has drawn fire in the British tabloid press for an advert he recently shot.

In it, the German who is only just out of prison for fraudulent bankruptcy in London, is seen in an upcoming advert set for German TV, driving a Porsche towards a luxury villa tossing cash into the wind.

Creditors of the 55-year-old whose bankruptcy cost up to GBP 2.5 million are reportedly furious at what they consider a slap in the face after their losses.

With controversy brewing, Becker may have made the strategic call to lay low for the moment.

He once owned a hillside villa in the area which was taken over by squatters at one point and has been subject to various proceedings..


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