Austria’s health supremo has advised procrastinating Dominic Thiem to bite the bullet and get his COVID jab.

The 2020 US Open champion who has not competed since June due to a wrist injury, appears to be holding fire until a new vaccine  is introduced.

But Austrlan health minister Dr. Wolfgang Muckstein, has advised his country’s top player to just get on with the jabbing job.

In addition, he took the time to write his thoughts in a letter to the player, who was banned from even attending this week’s ATP event in Vienna due to his unvaccinated status.

“I can only ask Dominic Thiem to get vaccinated. “The inactivated vaccines (which Thiem insists he wants) may not be available until 2022, and there is no indication that they have any advantages over current vaccines.”

He said long COVID remains a threat even to fit athletes. “We also have patients barely 30 years old in intensive care.”

Left unjabbed, Thiem could well find himself banned from the Australian Open from January 17, with the major moving towards requiring vaccinations from all players in order to receive an entry visa.


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