From next season, ATP players will only be allowed  bathroom breaks of no more than three minutes.

The clock will start once the player reaches the bathroom and time violations will be enforced if anyone goes over the allotted time.

Players will be allowed one bathroom break per match and can only be taken at the end of a set, while an additional two minutes will be allowed for a change of clothes.

The rule follows  a high-profile incident at the US Open when former Andy Murray accused Greek opponent Stefanos Tsitsipas of cheating by taking lengthy toilet breaks.

Andy Murray complains to referee Gerry Armstrong about Tstitsipas’ long bathroom break during US Open loss 2021 by

Tsitsipas had a two-minute break at the end of the second set and a further  eight-minute one before the fifth set of their first round encounter.

The 23-year-old Greek went on to win 2-6 7-6(7) 3-6 6-3 6-4.

While Tsitsipas was off court, Murray, shouted to his box “it is cheating” .

After the match he added  “It’s just disappointing because I feel it influenced the outcome of the match.

“I’m not saying I necessarily win that match, for sure, but it had influence on what was happening after those breaks.”

The next day Murray joked on that it took less time for Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos to fly into space than Tsitsipas spent in the toilet.


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