With the current COVID-19 situation in Europe sliding into further crisis, the presence of spectators at next month’s year-end ATP Finals remains an open question.

With around 20 per cent of the UK – including the London area – now under various local lockdowns, officials are likely to wait for a last-minute call on the fans/no fans dilemma inside the O2 arena when play begins on November 15..

But one thing is already certain: prize money amounts will crash due to the virus drama which has severely affected the 2020 season and more specifically, ATP finances..

The prize payout for the winner of the eight-man shootout between the eighth best players of the season has been cut nearly in half: the champion on November 22 will receive USD 1,56 million as opposed to a year ago, when the amount paid to Stefanos Tsitsipas was a much healthier 2,87 million.

And so it goes down the line, with a round-robin match win worth USD 153,000 versus 215,000 at the previous edition.

Semi-finalists next month get USD 612,000 against last year’s 860,000  and the finalists will have to settle for a flat 1.01 million instead of the 1,51 million from 2019.

Main photo:- Winner Stefanos Tsitsipas pocketed US$2.87 by Roger Parker International Sports Fotos Ltd


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