Next month’s ATP Cup which will kick off the 2022 tennis season in Sydney will not play games with any anti-vaxx players who might wish to flout harsh medical realities.

With Australia imposing a COVID vaccination mandate on anyone entering the island-continent for the tennis summer, there is a sliver of a loophole.

But the exceptions will be few and far between with maladies such as heart inflammation over the past six month, hospitalisation after a first jab or a history of severe reactions to other vaccines list as the only possible exception to the jab rule.

That rules out most young, fit tennis players – anti-vaxx or not – though a coach or two might be able to slip into the country.

Excuses which will not be accepted at the border: adverse effects in a first dose, allergies to other vaccines, pregnancy or preference for a particular vaccine family.

The team competition which pays prize money according to player rank, with the rich getting richer, will stage group rounds form January 1-9, with competitors and their teams being flown to Oz on charter jets from  Los Angeles, Dubai, and Santiago.

All will land between December 28-30.


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