With this season a personal write-off due to a pair of knee procedures, Roger Federer is keen to be ready for his return to tennis at the start of the 2021 season.

“I miss (tennis), I’d love to be in a full stadium again,” he told Germany’s Die Welt.

The 38-year-old who celebrates a birthday on August 8, is getting into a long Swiss training block with longtime guru Pierre Paganni. 

The 20-time Grand Slam winner was filmed this week on the cobblestone streets of a village in the country’s Ticino region, reportedly on his way to shoot a TV spot for a sponsor.

With tennis paused for almost half of 2020 due to the worldwide COVID-19 situation, Federer could not have timed his injury absence any better.

As it is, his No. 4 ATP ranking will stay mostly intact after the body made an emergency modification to the calculating system to take the virus stoppage into account.

The sport is due to return next month, but may face headwinds with the pandemic only increasing in the US, site of the ATP start.

Nevertheless, Federer cannot help but be optimistic. “I want to come back healthy. We’ll see how long that lasts,” he said, adding that he and his family have survived well during the current crisis period.

“There was nothing we could do anyway, we were just especially glad that we weren’t ill and that all our friends and family were doing well.”

Federer’s last Grand Slam title came in 2018 at the Australian Open – his third major in two seasons.

“I’m going to miss tennis when I retire, but it will come back. We just have to be patient now.”

Main photo:- Roger Federer with his last Grand Slam Troph Australian Open 2018


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